At Renewable Thermodynamics LLC, we have developed and patented a revolutionary, extremely high efficiency, external heat source engine.  This engine operates at heretofore unheard of low temperatures and pressures.  It obtains heat from combustion of any fuel, including traditional fossil fuels, as well as carbon-neutral biomass, waste heat from other processes, solar thermal sources, or geothermal sources.

This engine is a closed cycle, external combustion heat engine.  It produces power by the alternate expansion and contraction of the working fluid used in the closed cycle.  Such a thermodynamic process is inherently efficient, and we have employed revolutionary new techniques to significantly improve this engine when compared to any previous design, so much so that even when fossil fuels are used, far less are consumed.

The engine is deceptively simple in its mechanical design.  It uses only low cost, readily available materials in its construction.  It can be scaled in output to any desired size; from 50 watts, all the way up to power plant scale.  The engine can be used to generate electricity, pump water, or to do any of a vast variety of common tasks, limited only by the imagination of the user.

Renewable Thermodynamics has built a prototype model that is available for inspection.  We are actively exploring the market for a major manufacturer interested in mass producing this revolutionary invention.

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