Recovery and Re-use of Heat Energy in the Engine.

The engine incorporates an elaborate design to recover and reuse virtually all waste heat from the engine.  These various waste heat streams are carefully collected, and then are returned to a central device, where the heat is reinserted into the input heat stream.  This greatly enhances the efficiency of the engine.

In one example, waste heat is collected, from the cold side of the engine.  Heat is drawn from the cold side in the process of cooling and contracting the working fluid.  This is typically an area of very serious heat loss.  Our high efficiency chiller collects this waste heat and makes it available in the form of a relatively high temperature gas.  This makes it simple to reinsert the heat back into the input stream by using an efficient heat exchanger.

In another example, we collect the energy used in pumping coolant through the chiller, and pumping heat transfer fluid through the hot side of the engine, and reinsert this heat as well.

Finally, we collect the waste heat from the combustor (or solar collector when one is used) and reinsert that heat into the input stream, again using high efficiency heat exchangers.

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